To BE like the Hawk

415963719_4f16e937a4_zAs I observed the hawk soaring, I felt as if I were one with it. I could almost feel the freedom he must feel. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as if I too could feel the well-being and bliss he must feel drifting on the wind in perfect harmony. My joy was disrupted by a black crow that began screeching and dive bombing this hawk, I could feel myself becoming annoyed with this crow. The more annoyed I became, the more negative emotion I could feel building up within me. Leave that hawk alone, shoo crow, as if I could reach up high enough and pluck the crow from the sky.

……and then I observed the hawk in all of this noise and seeming chaos……….. This hawk continued to soar as if he was not aware of the crow. He did not seem annoyed, he was not even trying to get out-of-the-way of the crow, nor was he trying to get away from it. The only time the hawk flapped its wings was to gain altitude in order to begin his majestic, calm, effortless soaring spiral. Was he even aware of this crow? Did he not see it or hear it? Was he not bothered by it?

Curious, I continued to observe this lack of interaction the hawk had with the crow. The hawk never acknowledged the crow, I then observed the crow tiring of the hawks disinterest in him and the crow flew further and further away from the hawk until he was completely gone.

In that moment I recognized yet another lesson was being shown to me.The hawk was doing what it does, what it wanted to do and it did not allow anything to stand in its way. There are some people like this within our lives as well as our very own emotions/actions that get in our way of allowing ourselves to do what we need to do, what we desire doing, allowing well-being to continue to flow to us and through us. Our hawk friend did not fight against the crow, he did not feel like a victim, he did not lobby for more laws against the crow, he wasn’t asking for anyone to feel sorry for him, he did not tell all of the other hawks about this one annoying crow; he simply continued his focus upon his joy, his bliss to enjoy riding the air, allowing the well-being he knows he is to flow to him and through him. The more focus he held  firmly to soaring, the crow simply left his experience. It is my desire, my intention to do my best to be more like that beautiful hawk. To know my brilliance, to allow well-being to flow to me and through me, to be non-judgmental of myself and others when I temporarily forget who I AM and who they are.



  1. This post really spoke to me Tracie! Thank you for such an articulate illustration of how to stay focused on our own happiness and ignore the crows! Of course I recently had a “crow experience”, so this was perfect. Thanks for your perspective.

    • Do you know, the evening after I wrote this, the movie at the senior center where I play with my senior friends was, get ready for it…..Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. I could not watch it, too much drama for me but I loved that crows showed up in my experience in such a big way the very same evening.

    • This is what we need – an insight to make evoenrye think

  2. And it continues: The time stamp on your reply is 7:47pm, which in angel numbers means “The angels are telling you to soar high in the direction of your dreams.”
    Love it! And will do angels!

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