Authenticity, a work in progress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur eldest child is almost 17 and I sometimes forget she is no longer a little girl. She told me something today and cringed for a moment followed by me apologizing to her.
I reminded her I loved her and want nothing more than for her to be safe always. I trust her to make her own decisions….
I also told her I am working on making that statement completely authentic because I admit I am holding on just a bit!
As I spoke of this to her, I could feel the energy shift not only in the moment but within me. To understand we are always a work in progress and with each accomplished realization, we create a new platform to begin our next work in progress, ever-growing, ever-expanding, always becoming more, just like we knew we would when we came into these physical bodies.

Imagine a world where we spoke of how we are truly feeling, understanding the moment something we thought/felt was off-balance and the recognition of being able to give our children the tools they need to be authentically who they truly are.
Tracie ~ ♥

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