Where you place your focus

greenmeansgoToday as I was driving the children to Summer camp, I drove down one of our main streets which had as far as I could see, eight stop lights ahead of me. I knew the street was/is a long street, it takes you from one town to another but because there were all green lights lit up on all eight stop lights straight ahead, I had never noticed just how many I could see at one time. I smiled because in our world, green means GO and they were all lit up perfectly in unison, it was quite pretty, a sort of  little wink from the Universe that the path/road is clear.

As I continued to drive, I noticed in my peripheral vision, cars on either side putting their brakes on to make their turns. Even though I saw all green lights ahead of me, (my path was clear) even though no one was directly in front of me, when I saw red brake lights to the right or left side of me, I would immediately slow down. A “habit” if you will of my “safe” driving, especially when my children are in the car with me.

I smiled once again as I thought of the analogy of life within this seemingly meaningless observation.When we know what it is we desire how often do we place all of our attention, all of our focus upon the desire i.e.”green lights”? Or do we place our foot on the brake when we hit obstacles or something that slows the momentum, even if it is not directly in front of us, i.e.”the red lights” of others who are not in my path?

Life is in a constant state of motion, it must be because that is the nature of our Universe, ever-evolving, ever-changing, becoming more, never, ever, ever diminishing. If we can begin to train our minds to begin focusing fully on our desires rather than the obstacles that come our way, we would begin to show ourselves the powerful beings we truly are. When you do come across an obstacle, recognize this is ever and only an opportunity for you to fine-tune, sharpen or come to more clarity about this desire you hold. Those who may be slowing down to the right or left side of you, have nothing to do with you, unless you give your attention to what they are doing.

I think that is such a wonderful realization, we have to ability, the full capability to place our focus upon our desires and to recognize we are constantly being given opportunities, the freedom to fine-tune, change, shift or create our focus/desire.

My love,



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