The Magic Wand Effect

stock-footage-magic-wandToday is our eldest child’s birthday, one of her presents today may sound out of character to give to a 17-year-old but there is a reason, I assure you.

So many people have forgotten their own brilliance. As children we are full of it, full of JOY, full of LOVE, full of LIGHT, full of the desire to romp and play with others, children, adults, animals and our imaginations…..impeccable. Each and every one of us has the ability to turn inward and align with our own inner being, God, Source, All that Is, the Universe and in doing so, we connect with the power that creates worlds. As we align and connect purely with who we really are, which is brilliance in human form, we have the ability to create the life we desire. We remember this when we are born and usually carry this knowing into toddlerdom, perhaps into those preschool years. Then we begin to listen more closely to those adults around us who have forgotten their own brilliance, we as children are usually too happy for some and through osmosis, force and a grumpy natured, out of alignment adult, children lose their own remembrance within, life becomes a struggle and we begin to believe nothing good will ever come our way. A cycle begins of struggle, powerlessness and by the power of law of attraction, more struggle comes back to us like a boomerang which proves the bogus theory that life is supposed to be hard; it was hard for generations before us and will continue to be difficult for generations to come.

I forgot like the majority of society and set a course for depression as a result. With that powerful asking, came powerful exhaustion until I finally surrendered long enough to allow myself the opportunity to receive an answer to the BIG question, How do I become HAPPY? Genuinely happy within, not because of what I have or what anyone can give me but how can I make my heart SMILE?

I found my way back, I remember we are all supposed to feel JOY, BLISS, LOVE and create the life we desire. It is not about the material objects and yet, when you come into alignment with all that is, those “things” you desire will show up in your experience as well.

And so, today, I gave our daughter a magic wand, I hope it will always remind her that dreams DO come true when you focus in the direction of what makes your heart truly happy.

LOVE, Tracie


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