A Creation in the making

580858_317942841628740_949551325_nI recently overheard two lovely, mutual friends speaking about things that upset one of them at work. I was near enough to observe it, to observe her frustration, her negative emotion and then something interesting happened. I saw within my mind, (similar to how we remember moments in time within our memories) a ripple if you will, of the emotion/creation making more of the same for this lovely person.

The very thing she was upset about, spoke about in hopes of resolving it or getting another person to be on her side of the argument was actually creating more of the same within her experience. I smiled in that moment as I observed another, a lovely, kind person by all accounts, who perhaps was not knowingly aware of her action or perhaps she would have stopped in the middle of the conversation. This happens all day, everyday to very well-meaning people, they create their lives by default simply because we were never taught about the power of our focus, thought, words, energy and vibration and then they wonder why these things always happen to them? Not recognizing the connection between what they speak about predominantly IS in fact, creating more of the same.

Whatever we give our attention to, focus upon and speak about, creates more of this within our future experiences. It is something I learned a long time ago and I am, we all are continually learning to fine-tune this throughout our physical life experience because we never get it done, we are always expanding beings, energy in motion. Whether you are speaking against something or for something, you are adding momentum to the becoming or physical manifestation of it simply by your attention to or focusing upon it. The more emotion behind your focus, the more momentum is created, the faster it will show up in your experience, wanted or unwanted.

Does this mean I am asking you to watch out for what you think about and speak about, no. I am simply asking you to be aware of the direction of your thoughts and the emotion they create within you. Ponder it, think about it, feel it and see where these thoughts lead you. YOU hold the answers within you, the trick is, releasing those well-meaning voices in your head of mother, father, teacher or grandparent or whomever you are still listening to, even though you are now an adult. If our thoughts and emotions create our experience, and they do, begin to mold or create with your mind first and watch and observe what shows up within your experience. You hold the key to creating a magnificent life…..if that is what you desire.

My love,  Tracie


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