Seamless or Agitation

mAu9GQ6Living from a State of Grace and Unconditional LOVE is something that we must choose from within. It is a state of BEing. This may not change the diagnosis of autism for your child or any diagnosis you received but I can say from personal experience, it is life changing for those who choose this intention.
When the struggle becomes too much to bear, many will surrender and finally find this way of BEing or, you can choose it consciously now. Something to ponder within your heart. Your child will notice this subtle shift for they cannot speak it in words but they can “FEEL” it.
We are energy, we are vibrational BEings, many recognize this when they hear music. When you observe a speaker box with the base pumping, you can feel the vibrations. We are similar. Place a drop of water into a still pond and watch the ripple effect occur. Drop several drops of water in a still pond and observe as the ripples will interact with one another. This is what it looks like for me when I observe parents and children. Sometimes the ripples are smooth and seamless, sometimes they are agitated. This depends upon your state of BEing as you interact with your child. Are you calm within, your internal state or are you feeling frustrated? You get to choose, agitation or seamless interactions.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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