ALL IS Truly Well!

1098161_10151870368174892_1123132660_n“Everything in life is there for a vehicle for your transformation, use it.” – Ram Dass

I so appreciate the timing this quote showed up this morning as I have been pondering this very theme recently. Many who follow or know my story know it was a diagnosis of autism in 2001 of our youngest child which placed me on a very different path than I was heading prior to this diagnosis. I recognize from my “now” I was not heading in the direction of awakening, enlightenment or remembering prior to that. In fact, I can see I was not heading in the direction of remembering my brilliance, nor the brilliance within each and everyone of us at all. From my perspective, Remembering IS why we are here. I was living life as we all do, doing my best to live a good life, to be the best daughter, wife, mother, friend, person I could be and yet I was doing so for all the wrong reasons. I was trying to live life in a way others would approve and doing a poor job of it. No self judgment, simply not at all where I wanted to BE within my life.

We are not meant to live life in a way others approve but to live life from an authentic perspective. One that is true to our heart and soul, one in alignment with God, All that is, Source, the Universe, your inner being, whatever you might call your higher power from your life perspective. Not the one you were told to follow by your parents, pastor, church, priest, teachers, etc. A church doctrine set up by those who interpreted age-old teachings, who from my own perspective geared the teachings in order to keep order within the masses. I can see from my now perspective, following a belief no matter how noble or how many previously followed this because we are told to follow it or we will not get into heaven or our God will not be pleased with us, if it is not authentically our own… wonder I fell into deep despair and depression. I just do not believe God is a God of hate, punishment or suffering. Certainly you can disagree, this is why we are given free-will but the disparity I felt in my youth was my connection to God, which was beautiful, peaceful, blissful, joyful, LOVE, pure, unconditional LOVE and the one well-meaning adults told me to fear, were not one in the same.

So, perhaps when something comes along in our lives that is a ‘life-changer’ as we know it, a diagnosis of “any” kind, autism, cancer, a death of a loved one, a divorce, a birth, anything that causes us to refocus our perspective, perhaps this, as the Ram Dass quote above states, IS the vehicle of an opportunity to shift your/mine/our perspective of life, nothing more, nothing less. To find our authentic voice from deep within and once we decide to make this shift in perspective, we are then shown the authentic path in which to follow which will lead us to a life that feels WONDERFUL when we allow it. If we do not get the message, no worries, we will experience yet another “bump” in the road, another diagnosis or discomfort. Yet another opportunity to choose…. a different way of BEing. If you never “get it” no worries, when you transition or croak as my profound teacher states, you will then come into the fullness of all you lived in your physicality. Either way you will come back into your power but how wonderful it IS to come into your power and reap the benefit of all you have lived in this life experience while you are still living?

My Love and Appreciation for ALL of the variety I have lived because this has allowed me to BE who I AM, Tracie



  1. Thank you for this uplifting post. After my son was diagnosed with severe autism at age 3 (he is now 12) I spent many years full of grief and anger, especially along with my own poor health, but gradually I used my spiritual faith to help me transform my pain into the deepest love and awareness. It is an ongoing process and is far from easy even now but I can honestly say I cherish my son for who he is and his role in my life. I enjoy your blog.

    • From my perspective, you are doing incredibly well. The awareness I believe, makes all the difference in our world. Another wonderful quote from Ram Dass I adore…”We are just walking each other home”
      How precious we can take turns buoying each other up in the process just as we intended coming forth! My love,

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