Your Emotion IS Your Indicator

radio“The emotion in the moment is literally letting you know what pathway you’re on. And the way you feel, let’s you know how you’re going to feel when you get there.” Abraham-Hicks, Seattle, 8/10/13

I so appreciate the recognition within of this quote. We were never taught how to create a life we truly desire, so many of us stumble around, (myself included for the first 30 years of my life and even on occasion now which is perfectly OK because I now know I can change/shift the direction of my thoughts), living a life we do not care for, desiring so much more without knowing how to go about getting it. We wear ourselves out body and soul trying to achieve the life we hope to live. For myself, I had a magnificent life by all accounts, a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, living in a beautiful area of Southern California and yet I could not understand with all this, why…..WHY? was I not truly happy within, I even found the relief in blaming the diagnosis of autism within our 2 year old at the time. Like many in depression I saw my doctor who told me he hears the same story from so many woman, gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. I knew there was a correlation between how I felt deep within, and my depression, I knew how I felt had something to do with my headaches, body aches and physical ailments a young woman should not be experiencing. With great asking within comes great, powerful answers but we in our physicality must learn to let it (the answers) in.

We get what we think about, believe and ponder or the vibrational equivalent of it whether we are aware of this or not. When broken down simply, there are only two emotions, an emotion that feels good and an emotion that feels bad. We as human beings have many, many names for each. Good feeling emotions we call happy, bliss, joy, excitement, falling in love, being in love, loving another or self. Negative emotions can range from boredom to great despair and many more names we have created to try and explain to others how and what we are feeling. The greater or more powerful we are asking, refusing to go with the flow, the more discomfort we feel within, eventually this inward manifestation will express itself outwardly, i.e. depression, headaches, physical ailments, etc.

Once I began to shift how I thought about my life within, the tides began to turn in my favor, I began to appreciate anything I could find, there was a glimmer of hope. Don’t get me wrong, when you are in depression, it can be very, very difficult to find anything to appreciate. It is like trying to listen to music on one radio station but your dial or tuner is set on another station. It takes a bit of adjusting, fine-tuning to get there but it IS achievable. Learning how to direct or focus your emotions IS the key. Reaching for better and better feeling thoughts which is what shifts our emotions, lets us know how we will feel more of the time. If you are worrying, it is just like praying for something you will not appreciate, want or like. If you are thinking self-deprecating thoughts within, life will continue to prove to you like or equivalent manifestations which will not be pleasing you to. Begin today to find 5 things to appreciate within your life. These are not for anyone else but YOU. It is not something you do on the surface so others will see or so you can tell people you do this. It is something internal you MUST begin to feel within, just for you.

My love,



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  1. So much begins with gratitude, you are right. I appreciate my life, my family my fiance, my friends, and overall health at this time in my life. I also appreciate having a job in this bad economy. Great post!

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