Squirrel-with-acorn_nuts-300x200Someone I love has not been feeling well and I heard about it just this morning; as I drove our youngest child to school I could feel my mind wander to a place that did not feel great. As I did this I could feel negative emotion creep in which is not a place/space I typically hang around in these days. Depending upon the emotion behind the subject, I am usually able to catch myself before my negative emotion begins feeling too uncomfortable. This is different to varying degrees for all of us depending upon the subject, what we have lived within our life experience and our understanding of our emotions. This particular person is very important to me and I have known her all of my life, so I did not ‘catch’ the feeling of negative emotion right away. As I came to a stop sign, I stopped, looked to the intersection on my right and saw a squirrel. I burst into laughter because I know for a fact, the Universe has a wonderful sense of humor.

In that moment I was reminded of the movie “Up” where “Dug” the dog is ‘talking’ and is distracted momentarily when he sees a squirrel and says, “Squirrel!” and then returns his gaze toward his ‘new’ master. In the moment I saw the squirrel, I heard, “Squirrel!” in my head.

In order to create a wonderful life, we must focus upon those things that feel wonderful when we ponder them. Even when someone we love does not feel well, we cannot create in their reality but we can hold a space/place of love for them, focusing upon their well-being and their path of least resistance, whatever that may be. Some might say, you should be informed, you should pray for them to be healed. What if this happens? What if that happens? This creates a cycle of worry that does not serve any of us. When we worry about anything it is like praying for those things that are unwanted to happen. The more you focus upon that unwanted ‘thing’ or things, law of attraction will bring more of that into your experience and then some will say, “See, I told you that would happen!”

When you understand, we get what we focus upon, no exceptions, then you begin to understand why it is easy to prove something to yourself whether it is something you desire happening or not. So this morning, as I began to think about something that did not feel good, a decade ago, I would have made myself sick with worry about something terrible happening to someone I love and adore. I so appreciate my negative emotion did not have to begin to feel that dense within and in my seeing a squirrel, I was able to shift my train of thought in that moment, laugh and remember where my power is, in viewing life through a positive prism, from a positive perspective.

As my wonderful mentor states, “Fine-tuning at its best!”

My love, Tracie


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