What will you remember today?

StreamingSunbeamsOn a day like today, many people including myself remember where they were when they heard or saw the tragedies taking place on 9/11. I could tell you my story, where I was, how it felt witnessing what unfolded that day but I have come to a place where I know I can choose the thoughts I think and create my life by the power of my focus, perspective, the direction of my thoughts. I cannot go back to that time within my memory without engaging those negative thoughts and emotions and I do not desire keeping those memories of hate, sadness, despair, powerlessness alive within my own life. We were taught by well-meaning people if we remember the tragedy, it will not happen again but in this law based Universe we live in, anything we focus upon, keep alive with the power of our focus and thoughts, will continue to boomerang back to us.

Whenever we know what we do not want, we always know more clearly what we do want. I believe the vast majority on this planet would choose to live in peace and love for that IS what we are. When you focus in the direction of anything that is not love or peace within, we feel negative emotion. Our beloveds who have transition are always with us even when they are no longer in their physical bodies. In our focusing upon them not being with us, we feel the separation within which creates negative emotion, this is the angst you feel, the sadness you feel, the pain you feel. When you shift your focus upon appreciating the life they lived, you will be able to feel them within, viewing this physical life through your eyes. Each time we remember or go back to the feeling of pain, remembering the hate involved which created the memory of 9/11, each time we revisit the tragedy we unknowingly keep that pain alive.

If we desire real change in our own lives and in the collective, it is time to remember the powerful creators we are. It is time to release the memory of hate, pain and tragedy, honor ourselves within and reach for feelings of appreciation, of love, of peace, to focus in the direction of what we truly desire. It is my desire to release all of discomfort, pain and sadness of the past, appreciating the growth and expansion, knowing the value that expansion created within and for the collective and now, to focus in the direction of LOVE.

So, I ask once again, where will you place your focus today and always? What will you choose to teach your children? To remember the hate that unfolded that day or the LOVE we are today? I choose love and today, it is my intention to focus in the direction of love and peace and BE the love I was, we all were born to BE!

My love in peace, joy and all things wonderful and precious, Tracie


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