Princess Parking

princess-parking-onlyTwelve years ago when I began to consciously understand we all create our reality whether we are aware of it or not, one of my brilliant mentors Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham, spoke of Esther’s ability to find ‘Princess Parking’. Abraham teaches all of us that they do not want you or me to take their word for it but to prove it to yourself. One of the easier things to focus upon and create for myself was “Princess Parking” which meant, I had the ability to intend to find a parking place up front, exactly where I desired no matter how crowded or busy a place of business was. This was something that was easy for me to do because I never really cared where I parked to begin with, upfront or walking was OK with me so I knew I carried no resistance about ‘parking’. Since then, I do not often focus on finding the perfect parking place but it still happens very often without realizing it.

Yesterday was an ‘off’ day for me. We all have them, I have learned to go with the flow when it happens. To practice extreme self-care on those days, to rest or nap if I can and I am also aware, on those days, I can become easily frustrated. When I stopped at the store, I looked for ‘my’ parking space right upfront. I did not see it. I felt a twinge of grumpiness because I always find it right away. I observed a handicap space but that is not mine. I took a deep breath and looked again, then I saw it, a parking space right next to the handicap parking space, wide open for me.

I smiled at that moment because it was a subtle awareness yes, at first glance, in my….less than happy, typically blissful state, I could not see the parking space that was obviously there. No other car moved in between glances, I just could not see it at first.

I recognize some may find this analogy silly or trite but it is how all things are within our lives. Law of Attraction states; that which is like unto itself is drawn. In my less than happy state of being, I did not see the parking place I was accustomed to. The moment I relaxed and looked again, it appeared or came into my awareness. This is as Abraham says, ‘fine-tuning at its best!’ Today is a wonderful day and I knew yesterday I would be smiling today at a day spent feeling a bit ‘off’, I knew I would be learning and appreciating on the other side of a crappy day. Contrary to the belief of generations before us, life is not supposed to be about pain, suffering, unhappiness, sickness and hardship, we are supposed to know the brilliant creator/beings we are and have always been. We have been taught that we cannot create the life we desire, we need others to approve of us because we are not worthy. This has led to a society of individuals who have created a life that is less pleasing, a feeling of powerlessness, depressed, various illnesses and wishing their government would take care of and do for them that which they do not believe they can do for themselves, when we hold the power that creates worlds within our own being. You, can prove it to yourselves. Begin with something simple, as simple as prince or princess parking or anything else. The more you practice this with those things which seem insignificant as a parking space, before you know it you will be creating a life full of ease, joy, vitality, health and abundance …… if that is what you desire!

My love, Tracie


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