Waiting for Happiness

sunnyfallleavesI once thought I had to wait until those occasional happy moments that showed up here and there. Special occasions, date night, our anniversary weekend, family night, Fridays, payday or until others, friends/family/spouse/children, acted a certain way so I could feel better. I thought I had to wait until our youngest child was ‘cured’ from Autism or until life “got” better and THEN I could feel better and lead a happy life.
That is backwards thinking if you want to consciously create your life experience. You are creating the life you are living with your intentions/thoughts/emotions/vibration whether you are aware of your creation or not.  If you are not purposefully reaching for better and better feeling thoughts and moments, you are as my brilliant mentor says, creating life by default. Creating life by default means we wait until we observe something that feels better, respond to it emotionally/vibrationally “hoping” for more and if we observe something that does not feel good, we respond to it with our emotion/vibration and “hope” it doesn’t happen again by pushing against it, by creating laws so no one else can do it again.
We create our own happiness, no exceptions, until you harness this understanding you will be waiting for those occasional often fleeting moments of happiness. Focus, create, think about those things that feel wonderful as you ponder, think or dream about them,

“Most Folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

The decision to be happy is yours and yours alone, you get to choose and you do not need anyone else to allow this to happen, you do not need others to act differently to allow this nor do you need to purchase anything from anyone it is ALL within YOU, moment by moment, thought by thought, right now in this present moment. I don’t know why we were never taught this for generations but this is changing and it is my hope, my belief, my knowing each one of us finds our own power in understanding how to create the life experience we all desire.

My Love, Tracie


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