What are you feeling?

553520_433447726714117_152495354_nI have my hand in many arenas of life, wife, mother of three teenagers, I work inside and outside home and volunteer as well. There are days I become tired and want nothing more than to be alone with a cup of tea, quiet and in my own cocoon. Being so busy, this is not always possible so I recognize I often continue to take action in my life even though I may not be in the best of intentions or in alignment with self the way I prefer to live life while I do so.

For those who know a little about me, you know our youngest child Connor has truly been a profound teacher and influence within my life as are all of my children, Connor is just a little more… in my face with his lessons, there is no dodging or ducking with him. So often, the vast majority of those on our planet, go through life with a smile on their faces for ‘show’ but secretly within, there are feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness, sadness, feeling like we have to pretend life is going well so others will not think poorly of us.  Often we dig in our heels to defend why life is going so badly for us in an effort to get others to see things from our perspective. I have known for many years now, Connor doesn’t care how I feel, he wants ME to care/know how I feel, teaching me authenticity, mindfulness and self-awareness along the way. So recently I recognize there is another lesson underway because Connor has begun asking me, “What are you feeling?” when I am feeling out of sorts.

In the past, Connor was unable to use his words to express this, so one could say this is a huge accomplishment and although I recognize from a speech and language perspective, it most certainly is, from my human, sometimes out-of-sorts perspective, he is calling me out when I am not feeling as good as I could be. The words, “I’m fine!” do not cut it with Connor, he wants to know for certain, I know how and what it is I am feeling!

So often we all give up feeling good to pursue things in life, even if it wears us out body and soul. Isn’t it worth it to take a few minutes out of our day to breathe purposefully, close our eyes, calm our mind, finding balance and our center before moving forward? Not all of us have a little master in our midst but we all have the ability to become in-tune with our emotions and, whether you are/were aware of it or not, you DO have the ability to shift your emotion/moment/perspective no matter what you may be observing others doing. When you are not feeling good, stop all motion forward for just a few minutes to find your center within. This could make all the difference within your day. The more you do this, before you know it, you will know your power over your own emotions and those days you feel a little better here and there will become a string of days, weeks, months…..smiling….. YOU can do this!!!

LOVE, Tracie


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  1. That truly is a wonderful reminder that Connor shares when he asks how you’re feeling, Tracie. What a gift.

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