Morning_LightDepending on the perspective or prism you view life, to awaken means something different to all of us. I have always had questions about life, about the belief systems I was taught, yet those questions were always countered by, “What right do I have to question authority?” “The well-meaning adults in my life must know what is good for me, they have been here longer and learned from those who came before them, so they must know.” Constantly questioning my divine right to question anyone or anything, squelching those questions from my teens and 20’s, created negative emotion within me which led to depression in my 30’s. Although I did not appreciate what felt like suffocation during that time of my life, the culmination of the first 30 years of my life led to my awakening. Now in my 40’s, I am in awe, in such appreciation of ALL I have experienced thus far.

a·wak·en – verb: awaken; 3rd person present: awakens; past tense: awakened; past participle: awakened; gerund or present participle: awakening 1.rouse from sleep; cause to stop sleeping.

Perhaps the reason we are here to experience this life is to awaken from slumber, to become, to remember our  brilliance, our fundamental divinity, to question everything. From this variety we get to pick and choose what our own truths are, what we know for sure, within. Once we begin to open ourselves up to this possibility/possibilities, to allow ourselves the possibility, to show up, to walk our own authentic path which quite possibly, more than likely, most definitely……. no one else has ever walked, danced or blazed before. The Universe IS set up for us to experience life and will acquiesce to us when we allow life to unfold with ease. A co-creative dance that has never been lived or danced by any other human on earth. It does not matter how or what comes into our life to awaken us, what is important is the opportunity, the possibility to awaken, it is why we are here in our physical bodies. We, like the Universe is in constant motion, eternal evolution, awakening to new ideas which is the quintessence of life itself.

My LOVE eternally, Tracie


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