Feeling Overwhelmed?

3121506397_02881ba0ccNo matter how much you do your best to live a life within a positive focus, life always offers us an opportunity for more clarity simply by BEing and living. This is what I am experiencing in this moment right now except there is a profound difference in my perspective today than there was even a decade ago.

Yesterday, I learned a dear friend whom I adore has a wonderful sibling she loves and adores who is about to experience a life changing occurrence. While this is not directly related to my life, my dear friend is. Her happiness and well-being means everything to me, therefore I care deeply about what is going on with her. This morning I learned my dad who has been ill for a while is not doing as well, not only am I concerned about him but my dear mom as well who is moving through an uncertain time. Two hours later I learned my sweet 98 years young senior friend whom I met while delivering Meals on Wheals is in the hospital. In our immediate life, we have a child with autism which always brings up new and fascinating challenges which keeps us on a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis. Then there are things I wish were going better within life that have not panned out as desired, all of which are accurate and valid. Feeling overwhelmed? Yes I was!

As I drove this morning, I could feel a literal wave of emotions within my being, the more I thought about everything that was not going well, the more I could feel with my physicality the correlation of what my emotions were telling me. As I thought about those concerns piling up within my mind, more worries I had not thought of in a long time which had nothing to do with what brought me to this overwhelmed feeling, joined my worrisome thoughts. (via always dependable, unwavering Law of Attraction) These emotions of worry and concern translated directly into a feeling within my stomach of illness, queasiness and nausea. As I came into the awareness of what I was doing which was mere moments, I burst into laughter. It became so clear in the moment I became aware of how my thoughts and therefore how I felt were the direct correlation or result of. The most important thing I wish I could shout is, I KNOW I CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! How often do we hear our friends, family or ourselves say, I am so stressed out or I have a headache with is a result of negative emotion which has built up long enough to offer you a direct result of your worry or stress.

The difference within myself, which leaves me smiling….perhaps beaming is, more than a decade ago, I would not have been aware of the direct response my body had while I contemplated those things which left me feeling the waves of negative emotions. Being scared, sad, agitated, concerned, worried created the feeling of a sick stomach but because of my own awareness, I stopped that negative momentum which had begun. If we can all learn to become aware of how our thoughts directly relate/correlate with how this can result within our bodies, we will have found our very own magic in a bottle!

We all experience negative emotion simply by being human, and yet the vast majority of us think and therefore believe we have to put up with it or bury it deep within ourselves. When we bury it or put up with feeling crappy it builds up within us and takes on a physical form whether it is holding onto excess weight, or creating a headache, nausea like I experienced this morning or over time, holding onto negative emotions can create serious illnesses. It is so important for me to add here, if you do have a serious illness, I am not suggesting you did this purposefully to yourself. You knew coming forth there was a chance you may hold onto negative emotion and perhaps one day you would discover how to release it. If you are reading this, more than likely….it is my knowing, this is one of the breadcrumbs you have been led to on your path of self-discovery. We create our lives with the thoughts we think, no exceptions and just like the captain of a ship, you get to choose the course of action you take as you come into this awareness.

I LOVE knowing this! LOVE, Tracie


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