Just a Thought Away

1462883_771440196206017_582775735_nThis is the spot our beloved boxer dog Rex loved basking in the sun. He recently transitioned into non-physical and although I know he is now able to run, jump and play, my heart still aches for this 90 pounds of LOVE he was/IS yet I feel incredibly honored he came to us to live the last few years of his life. His name at Boxer Rescue? “The Zen Master” and he truly was full of peace, ease and unconditional LOVE!

I sat this morning enjoying my morning coffee and for one moment I wondered why he had not made his way outside to bask in the sun, in “his” spot the way he always did. Then I closed my eyes, “saw” him sitting there, basking, squinting and blinking his eyes from the brightness of the sun, smiled and opened my eyes.

In that moment a humming-bird flew right in front of me, did a loop, hovered and then flew off. I said, “Hi Rexie!” Not that I believe Rex is now a Humming-Bird but because I know we all return to pure-positive energy when we leave our physicality and spirit or pure-positive energy is always flowing to us and through us showing us our brilliance, our magnificence, our well-BEing.

Our beloveds who have transitioned, humans or animals are just a thought away and if we are somehow able to release the thoughts of “missing them” we have an opportunity to allow them to show us they are still with us, seeing life through our eyes. Loving when we love, basking when we bask, laughing when we laugh and living joyously through us when we experience JOY. If however we are missing them, the reason it feels so awful is because we are not allowing, in that moment the love and joy to flow to us and through us, we are hindering what could be by the sadness we feel which is why it feels so gut wrenching. If we can suspend the discomfort for a little while, what many call miracles would/could/will wash over us in every way.

Thank you sweet Rex for saying “Good morning” to me/us.

LOVE, Tracie


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