Broken Open

fallleaves“We are either broken open or willfully shed” (all who we are not, releasing who we truly are). Giving up what no longer works in order to bring us closer to what is sacred. – Mark Nepo

Oh how I love that! So those things we think we do wrong, incorrectly in trying to find our joy or even when we are trying to find relief from what feels like suffocation in life is what is necessary to bring us back to what is sacred. Because of free will, we will either willfully shed that layer or cocoon we use to try to protect ourselves or we will be broken open to reveal our authentic selves! This is why we are here, to reveal the magnificence of who we truly are. Going with the flow, stop fighting the current, what a fascinating topic to contemplate today! Set the intention to BEcome more of who you truly are today!

My LOVE and authenticity, Tracie



  1. I have myself been contemplating on the same: Going with the flow and not trying to control for quite some time now. It was interesting for me to realize that even trying to not control is born out of a thought to control and vice-versa, its only then i moved onto the realization that things happen like breathing in our life, they keep on going on and on without us either trying or not trying. They originate, serve their purpose and then simply die away. You should check out Vipassana meditation, i believe you might like it. 🙂

  2. Love this. Thanks. Trying it on this morning.

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