Shifting from feeling annoyed….

coffee-heart1One of our precious teens….who will remain nameless for this post, “^.^” forgot something for a presentation first period this morning. When I got the call, I admit I was more than a little bit annoyed which I did not express, (it is not the first time I have had to run home and back again). It does not take much these days for me to recognize I feel any negative emotions because I do my best each day to become mindful about what and how I am feeling, but sometimes I do allow that negative feeling to hang around longer than it should. At this stage in my own awareness, I cannot stand to hang around negative emotion, even if I feel the energy coming from another. It feels….prickly, heavy, dense and dark.

A choice was to be made; do I let the consequences of this action play out and this wonderful child of ours will have to deal with it? “Let the chips fall where they may!” Do I run home, retrieve what is needed and head back to the school grumpy and make certain this child is aware of my feeling inconvenienced which will make both of us feel awful, probably for the rest of the day? Or, do I shift how I was feeling from annoyed, retrieve the item, recognizing it was not at all intentional, this child was simply nervous about speaking in public for this presentation, make myself another cup of coffee to enjoy and keep me warm for the 10 to 15 minute drive and remember this is why I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mom?

My choice, once I played them all out in my head was easy. To express love, to be love and to make certain this sweet kid knew how loved they are no matter what. This what I call mindful parenting, Namaste’ parenting. To take the few moments needed to collect myself up, to be in the moment and to make the decision to BE LOVE rather than expressing my negative emotion outwardly to anyone in my path. It is a call to authenticity, to aligning with the brilliance within each one of us which means, feeling good within the moment, releasing those feelings of discomfort and not allowing the mask of negative emotion to take over how we feel and therefore react to life. THIS is the time to release all that no longer serves us, if we try to hold on, it will most definitely be a rough ride.  We are fine-tuning a new way of BEing in this human condition.
My love, Tracie

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