A Vibrational Match?

winter-scene-images-and-nature_337468“You’re always getting a perfect vibrational match to what you predominantly give your attention to. But you’ve got to make the best of it. You’ve got to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to improve where you are. You can’t keep taking score of where your business is or your relationship is or your body is without continuing to create it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different thought.” -Abraham

I appreciate “knowing” this, living this, fine-tuning this within my life experience. It was once a difficult thing to think/accept that “I” was the one who brought about my own depression, why would anyone do that? Why would anyone create illness, sadness or a difficult life for themselves?
Well, it was not on purpose, it was unconscious, before I “knew”/had the awareness, what we think and therefore believe IS how we create within our life experience.

I can now see, my beliefs/thoughts growing up, as a young adult and early adulthood, were in fact, leading me to/creating/becoming, a person who would ultimately experience something that would be unwanted by me, once I got there. In my case, it lead me to despair and depression so uncomfortable, the idea of not being here, of death, sounded better than continuing to live. The idea of leaving my wonderful husband and three beautiful children……my love for them was more powerful than my desire to leave them but I knew, I was not about to live life the same way I had been living. I knew, if I made the decision to stay and live this life, it would, I would have to BE different. As I have come to know/understand, I am/we are all able to and do create our life experience, I have been able to shift my entire life, it does not happen overnight, which is why so many, upon hearing this, do not believe it right away. Remember, you have had a lifetime thus far, of creating by default or unconsciously. The vast majority in our population are not yet aware that our thoughts create the reality we live in and so, they create life experiences that are unhappy, full of sadness, illness, despair or believe they just have a lot of bad luck. Knowing I/we all have the power to create our life experience, I have been able to shift my life from depression, where death sounded better at one time, to one which feels truly wonderful, not because of the “things” in my life but because I have learned how to direct my thoughts, which shifts everything within my life experience. Now, anything but happiness and contentment will not do, I now know too much, we are all supposed to be living a blissful life.
I am not always perfect in this process, none of us are, it is why we are here. To create and become more, expansion of ourselves and all that is, but I now know, I can change or shift anything that is going on in any moment.

Happy Creating, Tracie


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