My Christmas Wish

CandleAtTheWindowI have had questions all of my life, big, broad, deep questions which my childhood faith, as much as I do have very fond memories of, could not answer for me. The more I questioned, the bigger my questions became and was finally told by a well-meaning man of the cloth, you must believe or you will not get into heaven. Really? Perhaps it was out of frustration, a 20-something year old, questioning what he devoted his life to?

My relationship with God has always been wonderful, in prayer, meditation, appreciation, the connection was/IS extremely fulfilling. It was only when man placed conditional love over Gods word(s) there was a definite disconnection for me, one I could not articulate early on so I followed what I was told to do over the years, relinquishing my own connection to be a good girl who did not make waves. Fast forward 20 years, I am ripe with depression and our youngest child was diagnosed with autism. From my now perspective, it was a beautiful, magnificent unfolding. The perfect plan to bring a girl who had strayed away from her profound connection to God, the Universe, All that is, right back to the Source.

I believe we are all evolving as a humanity, some quicker than others but all in perfect timing according to your own life plan. Our youngest child has offered me glimpses into what life should be like, mindful, appreciation of all things, living in the moment and not at all living, or BEing a reflection of the past, not parenting in the echoes of a bygone era but creating a new way of being, one with a grateful, full heart, living IN the present moment. Taking everything we have gleaned from life, appreciating all our lives have become, releasing what does not serve us, creates negative emotion within our hearts and minds, for if we do not, we perpetuate the very things we do not want which will boomerang right back into our lives, we could very well become depressed or even ill within our physical bodies. Rather, coming into the awareness, it isn’t what happens to us, but how we react and then proceed which makes the difference.

Does this mean life will then be perfect? Not at all, it will be a continuation of growth and expansion, of sorting and sifting, coming to new-found desires, having fun, creating and appreciating JOY. Life can be wonderful if you so choose to begin directing your thoughts, focusing in the direction of what is pleasing to you rather than focusing upon those things which feel terrible when you think or observe them and once you know this, live this and practice it, you will not need life to be perfect in order to be happy. Turn off the news if it creates negative emotion in your gut, release those who are hurtful to you or full of drama, recognizing it is not about you, they too are simply trying to find their way. I know this is possible without a doubt because I have shifted my own life and know so many who have as well.

This, is my Christmas wish, for each and every man, woman and child, to know their brilliance. To know they are capable of living a magnificent life, no exceptions, we simply were never taught how nor given permission to DREAM BIG and expect miracles. That living a limited perception of life is an illusion, focus on what you desire and then appreciate everything and never look back upon those things which created any negative emotion within you. We are powerful human beings who are just beginning to recognize the true brilliance, our fundamental magnificence at our core, where miracles are an everyday occurrence when you expect life to show you amazing things. It IS who we are!

My love, Tracie


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