My Appreciation Jar

1512762_793781287305241_1741698857_nBeginning January 1, 2014, I plan on taking mere moments each night before I go to bed, to write down things I appreciate that happened in my day. When December 31, 2014 rolls around at the end of the year, I am going to open it up and read each and every thing I had appreciation for earlier in the year.

I learned a long time ago, the way to feel better when I was suffering from depression, trying to find relief from what felt like suffocation and just wanted to feel better, learning to appreciate the little things in life was my way out of depression. Make no mistake, initially, it was very, very difficult to begin to find anything to appreciate. It was like being on a completely different radio station while trying to listen to a station that was not even within my range.

Since then, by continuing to appreciate those things in life that make me smile for no reason, amplifies and creates more things to appreciate within my life. We were never taught that we have the power in our life to live a happy, content, blissful life and yet we do. It is true we cannot control another or “things” that happen but we can learn how to shift how we respond or feel about what comes our way. We all go about life, happy about some things, sad about others and we can never seem to tip the scales so life begins to go really well. Many believe if they complain about people, places or things, warn others about the problems that may or may not occur, this is the way to change it but this is backwards. The very things you complain about, get people to sign petitions about, make everyone aware of, worry about, creates more of what you do not want. If you can become aware of this, use your power to shift your focus and begin appreciating what IS going well, this will create and amplify more of those wonderful things within your life and you will begin to know your power! What if I told you, if you want a life that feels better or is better, begin to appreciate “what is” right now, YOU have the power to shift your life and you do not need another person to be different so you can feel better. You do not need anyone else to give you anything, an object, money or anything else to feel better. It is an inner job, inner work and you have full control or capability to create the life you want!! I do not have scientific evidence and I recognize many wonderfully, brilliant human beings that we are, we need evidence or proof but this is something I know for certain and you too can show this to yourself. This, is how we create a magnificent life. We are creators.  My LOVE and excited for the New Year of more and more people recognizing their own brilliance, Tracie


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