The Epitome of Perspective

4950662992_752e148252_bI have come to understand, each and everyone of us has a different perspective on life. Even those who grew up in the same family, with the same parents, doing many of the same daily routines; as each child grows and experiences life, they each come to their own conclusions about life based upon what they live, observe and make the decision to move forward from that new-found perspective or understanding of life. Each one seeing and perceiving life in their own way, no right, no wrong, it simply becomes exactly what they believe and perceive.

A dear Facebook friend of mine recently moved to the East Coast to be closer to her family, her Facebook status today? “It’s Snowing”. I giggled and looked out my window here in sunny Southern California and said to myself, “No it’s not!”

I then thought about how profound that simple distinction is. Just because it isn’t snowing here at the beach in Southern California does not mean it indeed is not snowing where she lives and just because it is snowing on the East Coast does not mean it isn’t sunny where I live.

How silly would it be for us to argue over the fact that it is snowing there but not here and vice versa. She could show me photographs to try and prove it was snowing if it was that important to her and I could try and do the same to try and prove my perspective as well. We all recognize how silly that would be and yet, we all do this to each other each and every day. We argue over what we believe is true to prove another is wrong in what they are living or perceiving. People kill one another in the name of religion, politics and many other belief systems all in an effort to somehow, some way, prove what they believe is truth!

I recently heard a wonderful Pastor speak about his beliefs as a Christian and his belief about death. I could literally feel those things that resonated within me and felt within, what felt like my heart smiling as I felt perfect, blissful alignment. When he spoke of those things that do not resonate within me, I felt absolutely no need to become upset or to try and voice my opinion and prove he was wrong and I was correct. Rather, I smiled at the understanding I have in my own life right now, a wonderful feeling of freedom from believing and expressing my own perspective while allowing others, without judgment to believe and express their own perspective.

This, is how we are all meant to live, not from a place of fear and judgment over another and their beliefs but from a place of what feels wonderful as we feel that alignment with God, Source and All that IS. To create a live full of love, joy, appreciation allowing others to live the life they too have come to live in joy, love and appreciation. It begins with us!



  1. I love the insight which you shared here. It is true that we need to recognize one another as being different in a multitude of ways and yet still accept them, love them, and appreciate them! Feel free to stop by Reia’s World at Namaste.

  2. So spot on sync today! Hooray. Thank you for such meaningful work. ❤ Ruth

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