Two Worlds Merging

bridgeMy dad transitioned into pure positive energy two weeks ago today. Technically, Dwight was my step-father but this man raised me and loved me like his own, in every sense of the word, he was my father, my dad. He had been ill for quite a while, his body was shutting down in every way possible. While his death wasn’t a surprise, it took my breath away when my husband called me to let me know after he spoke with my mother. Everything in our world stopped and I left immediately to be by my mothers side.

We have all heard of a sixth sense, a gut feeling or intuition. You think of someone during your day and then they call you or you run into them at the store. I have always felt this but as a young girl, I suppressed it because it wasn’t cool and it was not exactly thought highly of within my faith. I was taught to be afraid of the devil and I certainly did not want to think this is who was speaking to me and through me. While suppressing it may have had its advantage early in life, by the time I was older, life became more chaotic and depression set in heavily by my 30’s.

Releasing and dismantling the wall I built around myself long ago and learning to embrace this understanding of seeing, feeling and knowing so much more has been a work in progress for me for over a decade. This process continues as I rediscover the depth of who I am.

Since my dad made his transition into non-physical, he has been playfully teasing me and offering signs which leave absolutely no doubt within me that although he released his physical body which no longer served him, his spirit and BEingness is very much here and fully aware of those he loves. For myself, I hear him and see him in the way you remember a memory or a photo being taken, not with my physical eyes but an inner sight.

Those we love and adore who are no longer here in their physicality are acutely aware of us and ready if we are willing to offer us signs. My darling mom has had experiences as well but she is in the early stages of grief and grief or ‘missing’ the love of her life are very different frequencies or ‘like’ radio stations from where my dad is. I believe, because I am more removed from all of this, I have been able to recognized more quickly these incredible moments as if he is, because he is, saying, “There is no separation!” Only more love and more love and more love.

In no way do I ask anyone to take my word for it, all I desire doing and BEing is a conduit, allowing whatever comes through, to appreciate and share with those Dwight loved. I  recognize many will think it strange but it is time for all of us to begin remembering the magnificent beings we are within these physical bodies. We all have this ability to interact with those we love who are no longer here in the physical and from my perspective, this epoch in humanity is truly unlike any we have ever witnessed before in recorded history. The ability to witness a veil lifting, two worlds merging is paramount.



  1. What a beautiful post Tracie.

    During my law of attraction practitioners training I used to be so excited about each lesson and would be on a real high afterwards. Then we had a lesson on intuition and messages we receive. Everyone else seemed to be getting A-ha moments but not me. I didn’t understand it. I spoke to my mum the next day and she just smiled and said. It’s because they’re only just getting. You’ve been doing that your whole life.

    I thought about it and realized it was true. When my own dad made the transition I was and still am comforted by his presence.

    Thank you for sharing this message.

    Best wishes


  2. Another hard to communicate reality. My mother and I were so different, we never really connected until after she died. Then when I experienced her presence and her love, I realized she was now able to see with my eyes and understand our differences and it freed me to do the same. What a gift of grace. Thanks, Tracie for being willing to try to offer that gift to others, knowing many will not understand.

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