Does your Heart SMiLe?

smilingheartI have come to the awareness my heart has always smiled (best description) when I found something that delighted me.

It has not always been easy for me to find things to be happy about because I allowed myself to be trained into looking for things to worry about early on in my life experience. I expected others or life experiences to make me happy and then, I could/would be happy. Anyone who has found true delight in life will tell you, expecting life or another to “make” you happy is the fastest way to find yourself unhappy. No one else was born to bend over backwards for you, not your parents, spouse, children or friends. At this stage of my life, I go looking for magnificent feelings of alignment, connection, bliss, anything to make my heart smile. It has become a practice, a habit, an art… my occupation because I recognize, I create my life experience with the focus or attention I place upon anything and everything.

Today was a day where it took little to no effort to feel bliss within my heart. It literally feels as though my heart SMILES, my heart swells with bliss. When I purposefully ponder how much I appreciate my life, (which is often every single day), when I think about my children, my darling husband, my senior friends I adore, family and friends I love and adore hanging out with. On occasion strangers in my experience, who happen to catch my eye, although I may not know them, there is a resonance/remembering/acknowledgment which takes place on some, perhaps many levels of our being which cannot be explained with mere words but is felt on a deep level within our soul(s). Thinking, pondering, appreciating these experiences create a feeling of alignment within, of my heart smiling and bliss filling my entire physical body. When my heart feels like it is smiling, when I feel that warmth/light coming from within me, I recognize this is me, in alignment with Source, God, my soul, my higher self, All that IS.

How this feels individually will be different for all of us depending on the life we have lived and where we are on this journey we call life. I could not help but feel/recognize, “this” is how we are supposed to live life, each and every day. When we begin to experience life in bliss the majority of the time, it is as if the Universe opens up its doors…better said, those doors are already open, we must be the ones to recognize any sadness, depression, discomfort, anger, jealousy, grief, disgust for ourselves or others that we carry within our hearts, holds those open doors out of our view. If however, we begin purposefully appreciating our life, beginning with those things that are easy to appreciate, we can begin to live a life with a heart that is not only open but SMILING.

After a morning of smiling on deep levels, I came home this afternoon, I sat down and said to my daughter sitting next to me, “It has been far too long since we have had the pleasure of watching “Pride and Prejudice”, our favorite movie to watch together.” I searched for the movie immediately after expressing my desire, hoping maybe it would be on soon and I could auto-tune it for future viewing. As I did, I found out it was on in that moment. According to the programming, it was the 1940 version, not the one we adored but I was tickled it happened to be on since I love the story, the era, etc. and I immediately tuned to it. To my surprise it was the 2005 version we both LOVE! For a moment, I was in shock. I just experienced an instant manifestation. I held a desire, with no resistance to this desire and even upon finding out it wasn’t the one I/we prefer, (again no resistance) I was thrilled it was on. When I am in this flow of feeling wonderful and my heart “smiles” more of the time, I am in alignment, I understand from my perspective, this is how we are evolving. Everything we are not, all of those labels others have given to us which may or may not be true yet we have taken on as our own, we must release. If we continue living that which we are not, life will indeed become extremely uncomfortable to be sure. Even in my expressing this, I recognize it is completely personal. Some may desire this shift in attitude or perspective while others will hold onto those labels that no longer serve them and that is OK.

We are in a time of awakening, a time where we are being given a choice, we can either continue down a road of discomfort, depression, unworthiness, feeling like the world is against us or we can begin to recognize we are powerful creators in this life experience and choose to create a life that is richer and full of meaning unlike any we have ever experienced. How do I know? Because I am living it. I am in the perfect place for the life I have lived, YOU and each and every other person is in the perfect place for their life experience. This isn’t at all about being better or lesser than another, this is about making a decision within yourself because you truly desire living a life that is authentic and feels wonderful, perhaps magical. I infuse this post with such love because I know the possibility for each of us is truly amazing.

Thank you for making my heart smile, Tracie741



  1. What a wonderful read, thank you so much. I spent so many years expecting other people or stuff t make me happy. It was only when I realized that was up to me I was able to really enjoy all the wonderful people and things I have in my life. xx

    • amen!! The gap between unrealistic expectation and reality……the root of unhappiness.

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