Life is like Facebook?

This morning I made coffee, sat in my rocker/recliner, warming blanket on my lap, fluffy dog to my right and jumped onto Facebook to see what friends and family are up to today. I admit, I adore Facebook, it connects us all daily if we so desire. It allows all of us to be social even if some are socially challenged in “real” life. We can post photos of our family and watch nieces and nephews growing up, achieving awards, playing sports, becoming engaged, getting married, new babies, prayers sent when beloveds are ill or have left physicality. We can connect with others across the world, like-minded souls we would never have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting, sharing our sense of humor with true belly laughs or actually Laughing Out Loud when someone posts a funny video or photo.

6167045025_3fe29946dcAs I sat reading posts from this morning, I sat in JOY over funny stuff, inspirational friends posting things I LOVE to read, hear, contemplate and live in my own life, from my own personal perspective. I sat smiling at how many people I have surrounded myself with in “real” life and “virtually” who uplift my soul and spirit and then I realized, I “chose” to become friends with those people, I “chose” to “like” those pages based upon the intention of the administrator of the page and based upon the choosing of those people and pages, I love sitting and reading what they have to say. It is true, occasionally someone will post something that does not “feel” good from my own personal perspective, but once again, I can “choose” to engage them, to push against, to express my discomfort in written form or turn my attention to the many things that are much more pleasing to me. It then occurred to me, this is exactly how I prefer to live my entire life and hopefully inspire others to live their lives, “liking only those things I like or love, ignoring what I do not.

I slowly but surely shifted my perspective on life more than a decade ago. I was not about to continue living a life full of sadness, despair and drama. I wanted a life full of JOY, LOVE, PEACE, EASE and HAPPINESS! I knew from experience it was not “things” that brought me all I desired or about other people, because I had plenty of “things” and fantastic people in my life, including a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. I should, by all accounts have been happy, so why wasn’t I? I began to shift from focusing upon the drama or focusing on what was going “wrong”, the sadness and all of the things I wished I had and began focusing on what made me smile with ease. What was it that I appreciated? I began “liking” more things, writing them down and contemplated the “feeling” of all of those things. Why did I like them? How did it make me feel? Pondering them until I was tired of the subject, this allowed those things I did not “like” to fall away. The more I “liked” what I had, what God/Source/the Universe showed me, what I appreciated, those things began to be more pronounced in my own life. I began to learn this was the flow of life, whatever I focused my attention upon, created more in my life. In despair, more despair became my reality, in illness, more illness became my reality, in sadness, more sadness became my reality. When I complained about myself or others, this created more things to complain about. We DO NOT have to live a life full of sadness, illness, pain, despair, depression, guilt, shame or being a victim. Anyone who says things will not change or this “happiness stuff doesn’t work” has not tried because I know fully and completely within, of the law of attraction which states, that which is like unto itself is drawn. The law of attraction is as absolute as the law of gravity! We do have control over the direction of our lives, perhaps we were not consciously “aware” of it at one time but knowing there is a chance to create the life you truly desire, wouldn’t you want to find out?

Making a switch or shift, focusing upon joy, JOY became my reality, focusing upon the love in my life, LOVE became my reality, focusing upon peace, ease and happiness, PEACE, EASE and HAPPINESS became my reality. Now, when something comes into my experience I do not care for I ask the question, “What do I prefer?” I then focus, anticipate and expect this new desire to become part of my reality as I focus upon what I want, what I do not want must fall away from my experience. “Like” more things, LOVE more things, appreciate more of everything and don’t talk about what makes you mad or angry unless you want more of it!

The more you practice this way of being, the more you can show yourself how wonderful your life can/MUST BE! You can do this and you do not need to spend any money or anyone else to achieve this, it is all an inside job!

My LOVE and JOY, Tracie



  1. Reblogged this on traciecarlos and commented:

    Focusing upon what we love and adore IS how we create the life we desire!

  2. Agree that focus makes a huge difference. Sometimes hard things have to be faced and dealt with, but I find eventually good even comes from them. Serious losses are painful and there are stages of grief, but when my mother died after years and years of Alzheimer’s and I was having trouble seeing any good in her suffering, I suddenly saw a card with “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” in a store window. I bought the card and remind myself of that in the face of tragic endings. At seventy-seven most of my contemporaries are dealing with very hard things. In the face of a loved one’s suffering, I can find grace in daffodils,but I can’t not care.

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