forkintheroadWe as a humanity have always had choice, free will, the ability to choose and decipher what we prefer. Simply by being in our physical bodies, we are given ‘choice’ although I believe it is fair to say many have never felt as though they have “wiggle room” in that area. Whether you follow the guidelines of a church, expectation of family which has been passed down for generations or the law dictated by government(s) or perhaps all of them, the vast majority of us have never questioned the expectations of others for our own lives.

It feels to me as though all of this is changing at an extremely rapid pace because, it IS. Every moment we are being given an opportunity to choose how we desire feeling and what we desire doing. Even if you must go to a job you dislike or hate, there is still a choice to be made. Perhaps you do not have a choice in going or not because you need to be paid to support your family BUT, you do have a choice in how you “feel” in your actions. In our relationships, we will never completely agree with one another on everything because we were not meant to collectively come into agreement on every single subject. We can either choose a road of ease or hold on; for those who hold on, it will be a rough ride, no judgment, simply an observation.

This morning, just prior to waking, I dreamt of “choice”, it was more vivid and clear than I have ever experienced before. I have known for a while we have a “choice” in how we feel moment by moment, thought by thought and yet it became clear to me this morning, all of our possible experiences exist here and now and at any moment, we get to choose which experience we prefer simply with the direction of our thoughts in a precise, pointed, clear way. In that exact moment, I made very clear intentions as to how I desired living my life. I desire ease, joy, love, freedom, happiness, all of which I have already but it is my desire to understand this in a deeper more profound way and nothing else will do. Speaking with a friend over the phone shortly after, I observed her experiencing some drama, as I observed this, there was a choice to be made, experience (drama) with her or be the observer of it. I “chose” to be the observer and saw the drama from a distant space, which could have gone either way, upsetting or funny, I chose it as funny. To lighten the conversation, I thanked her for the entertainment! We both laughed out loud just before we hung up the phone. We “chose” an alternate experience to what could have been experienced. This, is the choice we have at all times, play with it and do not be hard on yourself if you momentarily get caught up in drama or frustration or any negative emotion. Just simply remind yourself, this too will take practice.

I know so much more is to come, I recognize this is a very exciting time in the history of humanity, in the history of the Universe, make no mistake we are “in” a new epoch in history which is unfolding and we get to choose what kind of life we live in. I know this for certain.

Love, Tracie


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