How it feels is everything!

I am not one who will tell anyone what to do or expect them to do as I do, I to do my best to walk the walk and talk the talk, and love everyone, including myself unconditionally.

I feel it is my…play (some call it work) or passion to live by example, sort of like taste tester or life tester to find what works best for me based upon how I feel and how my life is moving or going and then by offering and sharing how I have done this, you or others can choose to try it out for yourselves. This is a realization I came to years ago, when I looked for someone who could lead me out of depression. I thought the doctors were the ones qualified to do so, but they did not have any viable answers for me so I recognized back then, I would have to find a way for myself.

flat,550x550,075,fI have many wonderful teachers in life as well from “guru’s” who resonate within me, to my children who speak to my heart. I take a puzzle piece/teaching moment they have given me and based upon how that piece feels, I may or may not place it in my puzzle called life.

I have known for a while, many years, the phrase “find the feeling place” or “follow your bliss” and as with everything in life, this too is growing and expanding.

Today, I made the conscious understanding, it is not what life gives you or what shows up in your life experience but how you react/feel in that moment and then, how you proceed forward. A car that cuts you off, a diagnosis of anything life threatening or not, a relationship that has dissolved, no matter what “it” is, how does it feel within your body? What does it feel like? Good or does it feel awful?

If whatever shows up in life feels terrible, do you offer this new experience or problem, a safe harbor in your life? Or do you recognize this is unwanted and begin looking for the solution?

I recognize life is not as clear cut examples as I have expressed however, the way we begin to experience a happier, healthier life is one step at a time. The realization that something feels terrible, recognize you do not desire it in your life and then ask yourself, “What do I want to experience?” Then, begin looking toward that experience and observe and appreciate anything that begins to show up that resembles your newly desired outcome!


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