Go with the Flow Mom

We are all energy, energy in motion and from my perspective, the energy of life is moving faster and faster. Those I interact with are experiencing the same thing, whether they are intuitive (we ALL are to varying degrees) or sensitive to energy. Those completely unaware recognize something is up; you will hear people say, “Where did the day go?” “Where did the month go?” “Where does the time go?”

81f2a7f19c005d0cdc807fabddc6eb85Because of this rapid pace in which time/energy is accelerating, it is of great benefit to be present in every moment you are able which means you are not focusing or thinking about the past, nor are you focusing or thinking about the future but being present in this “now” moment, experiencing life and focusing on this moment in a way that feels good when you ponder it.

This morning, I was not present, thinking about so many things within my mind, I am actually uncertain where my focus or attention was, which is how the vast majority of people live life. Our youngest son, diagnosed with autism in 2001, has always been my most profound teacher in being mindful, looked right at me and said, “Excuse me (to get my attention), go with the flow mom!” I smiled and said thank you Connor, as I recognized my thoughts were all over the place, I redirected my attention to this now moment. Simply put, I was thinking crappy thoughts and it felt awful, even though it felt terrible, I still had not caught on to the direction I was heading. Thanks to Connor, I was able to stop the momentum of thoughts that did not feel good. I wish everyone had a “Connor” to remind them to BE present……I smiled, we all have this “reminder” within us, it is our emotions.

We were never taught something so profound it can change the direction of our lives, but it is my hope everyone begins to learn the powerful beings we all are and by learning to direct or focus our thoughts, you can begin to create a better feeling life. I recognize some may think this is a Pollyanna way of viewing life, this is where many will stop reading. I have brought myself out of severe depression and despair, going as far as wanting to end my physical life. I continue to fine-tune, redirect, refocus my thoughts, intentions in this way of living and BEing and life has become truly wonderful. I once thought life had to become good, better or wonderful AND THEN I would feel better. This is completely backwards. We must learn to direct our thoughts, to appreciate more, praise more, applaud more and look for things that make us feel good within. It IS an inside job, not one to do so others can see your words and action, leave everyone else out of it. YOU are the one to must find what feels wonderful to you. Certainly simply by living life, being human, I go through discomfort, we all will, but now I know I have the ability to move out and passed this momentary discomfort. Far from the once dis-empowered life sentence I thought I had to live of depression. When I am not mindful, it will often feel as though I am going downhill incredibly fast, hitting every single bump in the road and it does not feel good.

Moment by moment, thought by thought, we all have the ability to live a life that feels wonderful as we follow how each thought makes us feel. If you think a thought that does not feel good, no matter what another has told you, if it feels off to you, it does not serve you!  It may feel as though you are beginning to untangle string or find a needle in a haystack but it is well worth your time, focus and attention to begin to play with living a more mindful life.

Mindfully yours,




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