The Happening ~

th5XWCABMVI am dreaming so vividly… more conversations yet, no conversation….
feeling yet, there is nothing tangible to be felt.
Being swept into more, swirling…. yet nothing visible to be seen.
Allowing because it “feels” wonderful.
Clarity because I already “know” it, simply remembering…
Veils lifting because it is time/no time.

I have heard for a long time from various sources and teachers, this is to Be, we are to BEcome more, remember more, leaving behind those perceived restraints the ego/mind/society has imposed upon the Spirit. I have been drawn for more than a decade, of/to self discovery. In truth, I have always felt/known of this but for the first 30 years of my life, I tried suppress whatever was different about me to try to fit into the norm which resulted in depression and severe despair. Untangling those limitations others placed upon me which I took on as my own. Releasing the discomfort of what others may think or say about me.

I dreamt of someone on an island the other night, I did not know who “he” was, I was on another island which was further away. I could feel intense desire to BE where he was, the distance between us was a measure of my perceived frustration because I was not where I “thought” I should be. It was as if, without me saying a word, he knew what I was thinking and feeling. He yelled back to me, “Do not worry, you are exactly where you need to be.” The feeling of angst and discomfort dissolved in an instant upon hearing his words. In a dream state, I could feel my tense body release all discomfort and feel ease wash over me.

I believe it is this way for all of us, we are exactly where we need to be. Feel the comfort and harmony in that. The moment you begin to “think” you are not where you should be, ask yourself how that felt? If the thoughts create any negative emotion, recognize it is not true. When something feels bad to you within your heart, recognize the reason is because the thought and what your soul knows are not in harmony or in sync.

That is all for now, we are all on this journey whether we are consciously “aware” of it or not, or perhaps like me, you are awakening to more and beginning to find words to unravel what you are observing, witnessing. Some will believe, others will scoff, some may think they are missing out, to those dear ones I ask you simply begin to be open to the idea, to the possibility. All is perfectly well no matter where you are within this physical journey, your soul knows you are exactly where you need to BE.

My love, Tracie



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    We are all exactly where we “need to/should be”. Do your best to relax and “in-JOY” the right.

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