Creating “your” Future

10308069_791971624146706_1746847357472751649_n “The Future is not something we enter. The Future is something we create.”

The question becomes….what are you creating with your thoughts?
Are you creating something that feels wonderful or are you focusing your thoughts/emotions/vibration in the direction of something that will not be pleasing to you?
So, how do you know?
How do you feel?
Do you feel good right now? Then you are in a mode of creation that will be pleasing.
If you are feeling badly, no matter what emotional “name” you give it, boredom, sadness, guilt, grief, anger, you are creating a future that will not be pleasing.

You cannot go from anger to bliss but you can, moment by moment, do your best to “feel” better in each moment you can catch yourself.

It was once difficult for me to grasp this idea but it I can tell you from personal experience, as a woman who was in deep despair and depression at one time, it is attainable. If I can do it, anyone most certainly can.

Do not put limits on yourself. You truly can be, do or have anything you desire.

My love, Tracie


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