To Worry or Not to Worry…

thII5Z84S3To release worry is truly one of my most profound, ongoing lessons as a parent of three precious children; having with a child diagnosed with autism, worry and fear seemed to compound itself. It felt as though I was wearing a heavy coat in the heat of Summer without having the awareness, I could remove the coat. For many years, I assumed worry was a sign of love.
The more I worried, the more I must love my children/family/friends? It is what I observed from the adults that surrounded me, as an adult and parent, I followed suit. By doing what I observed of others, I was not following my own internal guidance. I did not even have the awareness at that time I could break away/free from what I learned from others. I knew worry did not feel good, I assumed those who came before me must know what was best and yet I did not make the connection at that time; the negative emotion I was feeling was in fact my own internal guidance letting me know I was veering off my own internal path, the internal path/guidance we all have within us. This internal guidance has nothing to do with those outside of ourselves, it is our own internal compass or GPS, your intuition, the little voice in your head we often silence in order to fit in with our peers.

I ended up with severe depression, despair, migraine headaches followed, which are simply a physical manifestation of my chronic negative emotion. Do you “see” the connection?
I assure you, releasing worry IS ongoing but it has served me well to shift how I view/perceive/live life.
You cannot love someone unconditionally and worry, these two emotions are opposite ends of the spectrum/vibration. You will not be able to go from great fear and worry or any negative emotion you may be experiencing to instant joy, however, choosing consciously to make the choice to release any negative emotion, fear, worry or guilt, little by little, you can shift your life into a wonderful new perspective. I choose love, unconditional love, hands down.

Releasing worry, gaining more love ~ My LOVE unto you, Tracie


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  1. Nice post. Letting go of worrying, the emotion of fear, puts you back in the perfect stress-free current moment.

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