Birthing Life

th9RJ0WP3LLife, with its roller coaster of ups and downs, reminds me so much of child-birth; expecting a child, we know we will give birth and although the thought and stories of child-birth may allow some fear to arise of the impending discomfort for new parents, we know it will cease and the gift we will hold in our arms will make it all worth it. The more children you give birth to or witness a child being born, you become a ‘pro’, you move into this time of life with more ease and confidence at your ability to grow your child within you and give birth, anticipation becomes predominant as your confidence within the natural order of things becomes a stronger foundation.

Perhaps as struggle begins to arise and we might think of it as temporary as child-birth and knowing full well the outcome will be perfectly pleasurable, joy-filled and well worth the discomfort.

The question is often asked, how do we know for certain if the outcome will be pleasurable? If the outcome is not to your liking, you are not finished with this subject you feel discomfort about. You have more creating, birthing and allowing to do. Can you allow the ease of this? If life is not where you wish it to BE, you have more conceiving to do, more growing to allow and more birthing to experience. How does this make you feel? Many of our friends become frustrated because they want things done now, finished now. I find I too prefer this on occasion but I do recognize, frustration, is a negative emotion and I must find ease within this feeling or things will not move forward in harmony. As you ease into this recognition, allow the unfolding, more clarification to hone, you will begin to view this from your non-physical expression, as your Source perspective does. Do your best to view life through the heart for this is where you will find more ease, allowing, love, acceptance, clarity, harmony and contentment. Our brilliant minds will want to take over, the ego does its best to stay in charge. Whisper to your ego, Thank you, you can rest for now, you have done a wonderful job and I appreciate you, sit back for just a little while and rest. Then, move into the heart and allow life to unfold, blossom and birth with ease.

My love, unconditionally, Tracie


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