Head Up, Heart Open

thD2BOTYA6 (2)We had a beautiful hummingbird flying right in front of us this morning, Connor hid, the noise/vibration of their wings is too much for him, mom is not as in tune so I was able to linger in his/her presence. I said, “Hi little beauty.” As it flitted in the morning sunlight, I could see blues and purples on him/her. It settled on a branch near me.
I felt as those I was privy to a little miracle in that moment.

Yesterday, on my way to pick up the children, a very large Monarch butterfly flitted in my front yard. I walked slowly so I could continue to observe it and not scare it off. These moments of observing nature being at ease in my presence makes me feel so very privileged. Walking around my vehicle, I met my neighbors on their afternoon walk.

I asked if they saw the huge butterfly that just went by? They had been busy speaking with one another, heads down as they walked and did not observe the butterfly pass right by. My neighbor said, “How did I miss that?” Puzzled, I thought the very same question.

Miracles are all around us, perhaps the definition of a miracle makes a difference? I personally believe, that which makes our hearts smile, IS a miracle.
I pray I see these miracles all day and because they feel so wonderful upon observation, I pray you do as well.

My LOVE and Miracles, Tracie


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