Living a Life of Positude!

I once thought, “As soon as life “gets good”, I will be happy…hurry up life and show me so I can get happy!”
Happiness was transitory, I could not grasp it and happiness slipped through my fingers far too quickly, after 30 years of living this way, depression set in, for one fleeting moment, death sounded like the relief I was looking for. If I were to continue living, something had to change, doctors could only offer medications or the opportunity to rehash everything that was going wrong in my life. I knew if I continued living this life, I must be the one to change, but how?

Now, I look for things that make my heart happy, something as simple as a new flower blooming in our backyard and I recognize with everything that I am, I have full control over my own happiness. We all do, do not expect others to make you happy, they were not born to yield to you, do not expect things to make you happy, they get old, become outdated and are constantly changing.

Now, I appreciate, express love, live life as though it is a prayer in gratitude all day, every day.
I share so anyone who may wish for life to be a little better may find their own way.
I swear…the better it gets, the better it gets! Positudes everyone!
Positude: verb, an attitude of being that is positive.


I Thank my dearest friend Karen’s new “Love” of her life, Neil, for this word, Positude. It is my favorite!


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  1. Lance Moyers

    Hi Tracy, I happy you found this in your life as everything comes when we are ready to receive it. Blessing to you and thanks for a great reminder. Lance

    Lance’s cell phone


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