Balance in Diversity


10473361_10152636827542069_1087260370090974672_nI truly appreciate this from the depths of my heart. For so long, I did my best to banish/remove/annihilate  pain and discomfort from my life. Now, I recognize the need for one to experience the other.
We all experience pain/discomfort in our lives on many different levels, given our life experience(s) and what we have “chosen” to focus upon.
To be able to recognize we must experience discomfort/pain/sadness in order to know more clearly what we do want/desire/honing with great clarity what will truly make us happy.
To further recognize discomfort is only a touchstone for us to figure out what we do want…a fork in the road shows itself.
Do you continue on a path of pain/discomfort/sadness/unworthiness OR do you begin to recognize what you do not want in order to recognize what it is you DO want?
That is the gift of discomfort/sadness/pain.
As linear time passes, I am coming to recognize this with more clarity.
For this, I am grateful.



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