Turning Inward from the Wake

boat-wake-2-548713-m  When I was 10 years old, I learned how to water ski on a family vacation in Northern California. When it was another’s turn to water ski, I sat in the boat with everyone else, we gained speed to allow skier to get up on their skis and stay up on top of the water. I remember once, sitting in the very back of the boat as we raced around the lake, water relentlessly spraying me. So much so, I remember ducking my head into the life-jacket to shield my face from the wake. Everyone was having fun and my actions (in-actions) went unnoticed. I know for a fact I did not fall asleep but I did my best to “tune-out” the constant barrage of water. I found solace within this space, turning inward and I had tuned out the minor discomfort of the water hitting me. I was not fully aware of what I had done, I now believe it was a meditation of sorts, tuning out discomfort, finding a quiet space to linger for a little while.

Last night as I put myself into our bed, I recognized my desire to tune-out the constant barrage of what feels like discomfort, chaos, deciding who is right and who is wrong, an almost manic energy “out there” in the world. I do not listen to the news or world events, many may say I have my head in the sand but from my perspective, focusing upon what I want/desire/dream of within the world is far more important than what is currently taking place right now in what we call our current reality. It seems (feels) to me to be a time when things/discomfort/chaos is coming to a crescendo. Energy building, as if it is coming to a breaking point. I believe we will all experience this in a way that makes sense to us within our lives, (when something appears, ask; does this belong to me or out there?) The image/moment of me ducking my head into the life-vest to find solace from what I was feeling outwardly came to my mind last night as I contemplated what is going on energetically in the world. The sense or feeling of needing/preferring to turn inward was prodding me, coaxing me in the direction toward this inner solace.

I believe we are all intuitive, we all have this inner guidance, it is a gift from the Divine, God, our Creator, the Universe, since we are extensions of Source. Depending upon your life experience, the beliefs you have honed or taken on as your own from others will create distance or barriers to your access to this inner knowing/guidance/intuition/knowledge. When life seems to be too much to bear, do your best to listen within, listen to this guidance, intuition, inner-knowing. It may show itself to you in various ways depending upon your life experience but it is time to trust. Focus upon the feeling, if it feels good, if it feels wonderful, if it feels like relief, trust this inner guidance. There is great change underway out there from my perspective, going within during any turbulence you experience is where you will find solace.

My love, Tracie



  1. The inward space is not just a gift from God, it is our connection with God/Goddess which is all there is! Love your perspective – thank you for you!

  2. That’s exactly how I see it — you’ve put it so much more beautifully than I would have though…

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