“Maybe He’ll Outgrow It?”

Summer2012 083 While on social media moments ago, I saw a post by a well-known autism advocacy group with the phrase, “Maybe He’ll Outgrow It?” I felt conflicted in reading it because, there was a time I had hoped our son would “outgrow” Autism, which led me on a roller coaster of negative emotions, fear being the most prominent. Who did wrong? What did I do wrong? While I was pregnant? During labor? After our son was born? Did I not nurse long enough? Did I knowing/unknowingly have a medical staff inject toxins into his little body? He is not hitting milestones as he should? What will the future be like? How can I “fix” him, as if he were broken. ALL of that feels so chaotic, no wonder I held onto to sadness and despair for so long and yet so many wonderful people are in the throes of all of that as they recognize their precious child is different, perhaps even “disabled” by societal standards….by societal standards.

What if…WHAT IF? These incredible children are here to BE different on purpose? What if they are here to shift the hearts and minds of humanity? What if humanity has veered off course, choosing to believe things will make you happy? Believing success means wealth and things you acquire in life, out doing each other and other countries, moving away from their own inner guidance. Choosing to live in fear, fear of each other, of not having enough, of not being enough, living all of life from the brilliant mind rather than the all-encompassing, unconditional LOVE of the heart?

It is true, for quite a while I lived life under the assumption that something was wrong with our youngest child because he was different, he was diagnosed with autism and the reason that felt so awful is because I was looking at it through the eyes of society, not through the eyes of unconditional love. Living in fear of the unknown, fear of what his future will be like, fear of what MY future will be like? As well-meaning as this group may be at their core, they are actually helping to perpetuate fear rather than unconditional love. Now, I can see, feel and know with everything I am, not only this child of mine but this population diagnosed anywhere on the Spectrum of Autism, has arrived and will continue being born…they are here to change our world. If this one child can shift his mothers views on so many facets of life, reconnecting me, redirecting me to following my heart, following my bliss, in essence, he has plugged me back into the well-being that abounds in all of life rather than the fear of the unknown, imagine our world if each person diagnosed with autism touches the life of one person and they experience this profound shift by embodying unconditional love as a way of BEing and living all of life? Life offers ALL of us experiences to reconnect us to our hearts, moving out of fear, it is our choice whether or not we choose to live a life of unconditional love or not. Whatever choice you make, make certain you are viewing the moment through your own perspective and not the perspective of what others believe is the best or right choice to make.

My unconditional love, Tracie



  1. charbfc

    Yes, indeed. I really do believe “they are here to change the world”. Beautiful!!!

  2. I love your “what if”s 🙂 They remind me of a blog post I wrote a while back about being normal

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