Do you complain?

943027_381506951957982_1710555322_n_thumb   What is so interesting to me is often people do not even recognize they are complaining, to complain is their normal. I am not just speaking of outward, verbal complaints but internal dialogue one speaks of within, that little voice in your head can do a number on your life and how it responds to you. No judgment on my part, I have my days as well where I am not as positive as I prefer to be but, I recognize my day does not go as well when I am ornery. When I am having a difficult day, I seem to run into others who are not having a good day. When I am feeling ill-natured, traffic is worse, lines at the store are longer, check-out clerks are slow and careless, my usual, perfect parking place I often enjoy no longer exists. It is a day I wish to just go back to bed and do-over. Not at all how my life unfolds these days because I intend to be positive and complain less and less each day. I have learned an art form I wish for each person to learn. We ALL have the ability to create a wonderful life, no matter what has brought you to this NOW moment, you and you alone can shift your life in all ways, if you so desire.
Not one person learned to be critical or complain overnight, it is a slow learning or acclimation process. More than likely they grew up with others who complained/worried, they got used to that energy. Sort of like getting into a bathtub that is too warm, you acclimate to the temperature. In kind, you can acclimate to negative/uncomfortable/cranky/worrisome energy, as you acclimate to it, you begin to expect it. As you expect it, you amplify this energy out into the Universe. This loving Universe does not discern if what you are emanating is wanted or unwanted by you. You have free will to choose the direction of your thoughts. The Universe, wants you to have everything you are amplifying, this loving and adoring Universe responds and brings more of like energy, (via the law of attraction) you are amplifying. This dance of energy; your observation, responding to it, amplification of it, happens all day, every day. If one is not aware of the law of attraction; (like attracts or amplifies like) you continue getting more of what you do or do not want because of this amplification process which happens if we are aware of it or not. Someone who is not aware of the power of their thoughts will become very cranky as they age or very ill. Our thoughts, how we focus, directly impact our physicality. For me, I have been able to shift from despair and depression (which manifested as migraines in addition to depression) that was suffocating me more than a decade ago.

So how do you know if you are in need of some fine-tuning in life? How is life going for you? Do you wish for more ease? Do you wish for those in traffic to be nicer? Are there people who know how to poke or dig at you or grate on your nerves? If you desire life to flow more smoothly, you can begin to shift how you are feeling simply by the awareness of it.

It is an “incremental” learning or un-learning process, one you can do for yourself without anything or anyone else.
Complaining can be “un-learned” if one desires, thought by thought, moment by moment.
You will come to realize as you do this, life appears to flow more smoothly ~ ~ ~
Next, you will come to understand, it isn’t the actions or inactions of others that has a direct effect on your life but your attention or focus upon them. As you begin to unravel this for yourself, not only will your thoughts and mind begin to feel better, you physical body will respond and feel better.

We, individually truly do have the ability to shift how life and others respond(s) to us. We can either choose to focus upon what is going wrong or begin to look and focus upon what is going well.

Sit with that for just a little while, remember the powerful being you truly are. Try and go 24 hours without complaining. If you forget, be easy with yourself,  do-overs are ALWAYS allowed. It did not take a short period of time to learn to complain, even if you complain just a little, so allow yourself time to shift into positivity. YOU are the one who benefits and when you benefit, the world will benefit. For now, focus upon YOU.

My love, unconditionally, truly with ALL OF MY HEART ~ Tracie



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