CDC vs. Autism?


Oh such strong feelings I have about all of this but…perhaps not where other parents of children with autism focus… I propose focusing upon the solution yet I respect others may not see it this way. Yet another layer of unconditional love for all, even those who do not see from our perspective.
From my perspective, the admission of a #CDC scientist and any wrongdoing seems to be separate from who Connor truly IS.
Words may fail me right now, as I bring more of this up into my awareness but I will try to sort it out here.
I believe we are evolving as a humanity, I believe many people come forth, have come forth, continue to come forth into these physical bodies to share their gifts, adding their diversity to the masses. It will not happen overnight like many predicted/hoped for 12/12/12. It is a gradual process, like a baby growing in the womb, then outside the womb from infancy into adulthood and beyond.
These children, “new” children are coming forth as a purer form, some may be diagnosed with #ADD, #ADHD, #Autism, #Aspergers, #Globaldelay, the #squarepegs who do not fit into the round holes, i.e. many of us, are here as part of this #evolution. It also seems to be a natural side effect as we evolve, become more, more authentic, stepping into the #BRILLIANCE of who we really are, the poison, contamination, the impurity that has taken place within humanity must come out, rise up to be swept away! When you take anyone and place toxins into the body, no one will do well. When you take a child/person who is a purer form of human being and inject toxins, they will have an amplified reaction to any and all things, vaccines, preservatives in foods, drinks, etc, anything that is “un-natural” to our bodies.
Us older folks have been able to acclimate to all of the crap we have been given, ingested, although when you think of the illnesses many adults do have, we have not acclimated all that well.It is my hope, desire, we can remove our attention from those who admit harm, admit lying, deceiving and begin to focus upon #support, #unconditionalLOVE, the true #brilliance within ALL of us.
Yes, it is true, some did wrong, many will admit, others will deny, companies may have exploited all for their own benefit and financial gain.
We as a society can focus in the direction that feels better because feeling better, focusing upon unconditional love, focusing upon the solution is how we create long-lasting, ever-evolving change!
We can, individually learn to become more authentic, release anything that no longer serves our highest good and use our own God-given intuition, for that is what it is for, to find what rings true within our own hearts, minds and bodies. To accept that just because we fervently believe something is “right” by us, it does not have to be right to another. We can each enjoy our own personal truth without judgment over another. Unconditional LOVE for the diversity of others and what they choose.
My Unconditional LOVE ~ Tracie



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