You Create Your Happiness

10616294_751270888266120_5479627321502542741_n  YOU have the ability to create a happy life! Did you know that? Or do you think others just get lucky and it is because of their luck and good fortune and then they are happy? We have/hold this power within us.

The caveat is, you must learn to expect good outcomes no matter what another is or is not doing.
Can you feel good even if your child is diagnosed with a disability?
Can you feel good even if you are prone to depression?
Can you feel good even if your children are not behaving?
Can you feel good even if your boss drives you nuts?
You need to figure out how to remove your thoughts from focusing upon them and what they do and focus upon how YOU feel. Leave them out of the equation, and when you do, you will become masterful at creating a wonderful life for yourself.
So many of us have learned to look to another or a situation “before” you can feel good but this is backwards.
If you wait for another to make you happy, you will never have true happiness or freedom.
This is a practice or an art form for certain but we can all teach ourselves how to do this.

WE HAVE this power to create wonderful lives. Stop living life as if you do not have a choice. You DO have a choice, we were simply never told this but it is truth. You can shift your life, little by little with consistent focus upon what “feels” good, THIS I know for certain!

Expecting WONDERFUL, Tracie

Thank you Abraham-Hicks for your wisdom.

Thank you Esther Hicks for Allowing such brilliance through.

Thank you Esmée La Fleur for harvesting this nugget.

Thank you to I Love Abraham Community ~


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