It IS all how you look at it!

I had the most perfect example of a clear difference in how one person can see/perceive/view life so very, very differently from another.

0511-0809-0313-0405_Angry_Man_With_Road_Rage_clipart_image While getting onto the freeway today, a vehicle directly in front of me was entering S-L-O-W-L-Y. Much more slowly than one should enter the freeway safely to gather momentum and merge with traffic. While I recognized this was happening, I had the radio on and a song was on that made me smile, think of friends and the fun we had while hearing this song. I was in that moment, although observing someone doing something that could potentially bother me, I did not view/see/perceive it as bothersome. I was happily driving, singing, smiling and feeling content. The gentleman directly behind me however, was obviously having a very different experience. When I glanced in the rearview mirror, he was not very happy with the car leading the ‘line’ of cars trying to pick up speed to enter the freeway.

When we finally came to a place where we could fan out and get out from behind this very slow driver, I was unfazed by this slow driver. The gentleman directly behind me sped by me to my left and slowed to the speed of the s-l-o-w driver to shake his fists and blare his horn at her. As I merged to the left after him, passing her, she was truly surprised, dare I say confused by the experience. It made me smile because of the clarity that moment produced. I could have easily been irritated by this slow driver and given her even more of a negative blast right along with the man in the big truck but I was not fazed by the experienced. I was happily driving along, allowing life, enjoying life, not letting those little things bother me.

It comes down to choice friends, while I “saw” in that moment three ways of being, I recognize there are many more options for us to choose. We can either be confused by life, irritated at life or people or we can choose to enjoy our experience, be happy, allowing life to unfold and by doing so, what others do or do not do, have no effect upon our experience. I understand what the angry driver was trying to do, he was using his anger to let another person know she was doing something wrong, inappropriate or driving incorrectly. His thinking was, by expressing himself in this way, she will get the message and become a “better” driver. That is now how life experience works. His negative emotion will stick to him like glue and actually create more experiences like the one he endured this morning. What others do or do not do is a mirror reflection of what we have going on within. While we have absolutely no control over another’s actions or inactions, we do have fully control over how we respond to life or another. Our emotional response to these experiences simply create more ‘like’ experiences. Life is never perfect, I am certain I have been the slow driver before, I know I have been an irritated driver but it is my intention to continue to BE exactly as I was this morning, happy, content and unfazed by those who may or may not be behaving inappropriately.

Love and ease, always, Tracie


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