Always Evolving

fall1    Always evolving, ever-changing, just as the seasons must…how does that sit with you? At one time, I hated the idea of change, of things evolving, of finally getting everything the way I desired, only to have it shift and change on me again. It felt like, as soon as I found my footing, I was content, surefooted and secure, the ground would turn to sand and cause me to navigate in a new direction.

I have come to the awareness and understanding within my own life, even if I forget momentarily, this is how we evolve and become more…more spiritually aware, more expansive, more, more, more. When you make peace with this and understand you are not being punished when discomfort surfaces, nothing ever really goes wrong no matter what or who you are dealing with, the reason for change and evolution, the reason for what appears to be obstacles or lessons is for our own benefit, growth, expansion, it allows great ease within your entire being. In fact, whenever I feel discomfort, I know I am simply going through growing pains and we will outgrow them. The more gentle we are with ourselves during this process, the more ease we will feel as we evolve.

In appreciation for becoming more ~ Tracie




  1. I cannot wait to get to where you are. I am still standing in sand. Very well written.

    • Moment by moment, step by step, I have no doubt you will come to feel ease.

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