It is just an experience.

Fall-Leaves  The words “it is just an experience” have been echoing in my head since yesterday. I have heard it said before but for the past 24 hours I have enjoyed this sentence on a deeper level, more than last week or last year, thank goodness. We are always moving forward, energy in motion, even if we do not view life in this way. Are we replaying the same old stories in our minds or expanding our hearts and who we are, in a conscious way by breaking the mold or habit of thought/victimized or blame? I vote for heart expansion although it may not always be the most comfortable at first.

I am sorting through something myself right now, an adventure I thought at one time was a wonderful opportunity. It did not turn out how I had hoped and while I could name things that happened or did not happen from my perspective, I could do my best to chronicle a pattern by pointing out others who had “like” experiences in regard to those whom I had my experience with. Is that where I want to place my focus, my energy?

Others will show you where they are off-balance by what they feel they must defend and point out. I show my unbalanced aspects of self by what I believe I need to express and defend. NONE of that truly matters. What another does or does not do, does not need to have an effect on my experience unless I continue to include the experience(s) in my future. HURRAY!

How I respond IS my experience.

How another responds is their experience.

We can remember it is simply part of life experience, part of being beautifully human and from that experience we can now choose what the next adventure will be.

Anything we go through simply adds to our life experience if you choose to see it that way. How our spirit transcends the experience is where we find magnificent growth, always becoming more! More clarity, more clarity, more clarity! More love, love, LOVE!!



  1. Beautiful Tracy, thanks For sharing yourself!

  2. Wonderful advice, as always.

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