Would you deny your child an education?

fall I do not believe a single parent would deny their child an education in this day and age. For the majority of our world, those days are over. How often do we deny our children the experience of growth and becoming simply because we, as their parents do not want them to get hurt. We often deny them the opportunity of an experience because we are fearful of what could happen.

We recently had this experience as parents, forgive my being cryptic in telling this story, the child who gave me this experience is a teenager and I respect this child’s privacy completely. In short, this precious child thought they were making a decision which would be helpful to everyone, however, they did not do their research on the entire idea. While everything turned out just fine, the potential of a greater mistake was certainly there had said child met with those who wished harm on another or a myriad of other concerns that crosses the mind of all loving parents, I digress…

Had I known what would take place, as a loving mother, my wonderful husband, as a loving father would have told this child, “No, do not do that, it won’t work out well”, “take the path of least resistance” “do what you normally do in this situation” “don’t try anything new”, etc. All in an effort to simply stop this child from making a harmless mistake.

After all settled down, it occurred to me, what a wonderful lesson this was for all of us. Had I known the intention of this great kid, I would have stepped in and said, NO! This child being respectful, would have listened and a valuable lesson would not have occurred. Do you see?

While none of us desire having our child meet with harm or danger, or what we believe might have led to harm. Because of my own fear(s), I would have denied this child (and myself) such a valuable lesson and wisdom only life experience can teach ANY of us. Yesterday afternoon, while I experienced fear and doubt I did not wish to experience, today, I am in appreciation for said experience.

It takes courage to allow our children to spread their wings and fly on their own. Perhaps, day by day, we are all learning a valuable lesson in trust. Just because we are the parents, does not mean we have all the answers. Reminding ourselves and our children, we are all beautifully human, allows all of us to become more authentic as a humanity. This, is why we came into these physical bodies, to remember, experience our own brilliance in human form. Why would we deny that to anyone, our children and ourselves included?

Authentically yours, Tracie


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