Oh Look, Chocolate Cake!

Whether we are aware or not, each one of us has a direct connection to Source, All that is or that which I call God. It reminds me of a sort of tether between us in our physical bodies and our higher self/source. Some have a very strong/thick tether/connection, some have a very loose or lax tether/connection, each one of us have this even if we are not consciously aware.

super-moist-chocolate-cake  “To know thyself” is taking on a more profound meaning within my own life experience. I recognize with greater clarity, this is why we are all here, the soul’s desire to know itself more clearly, profoundly, deeply, for the absolute JOY of expansion, growth and becoming more, more, more. The experiences we share with others in our lives, serve as an education of sorts to recognize those around us serve as mirror reflections of what we are thinking, seeing, contemplating and BEing until we begin to fine-tune the relationship with our own soul, strengthening the tether if you will to our own higher self/soul/source. Some may never make this connection while in this physical body but from the higher soul/self perspective, the joyous expansion is why we come forth. A conscious connection while in this physicality is like…icing on the cake. See what I did there?  *Smiles

Yesterday morning in my waking state, I awoke with very human unease crossing my mind as a wife and mother. Those concerns that entered my mind did not “feel” good simply because they had a negative feeling/concern/unease about them. Nothing terrible, just enough it was recognizable to me and not at all how I prefer to begin my mornings. In the very next moment, a luscious, moist piece of chocolate cake flashed before my eyes and the random nature of this made me laugh out loud as I thought “Oh look, chocolate cake!” Sort of like Dug the dog from the movie “Up” when he sees a squirrel. In the moment I made the connection that it was indeed my soul/inner-being/higher self, thrill bumps rippled through me as if my soul were thrilled I made the conscious connection.Squirrel_Dug

You see, this is evidence to me, I am strengthening my own connection to my higher-self, source, soul. My connection to God is more profound than I could have every anticipated yet always known. It is what I knew as a little girl, before I was trained away by well-meaning, loving adults who thought they knew what I should do better than I. In the moment of recognition of a feeling of unease, I was “shown” something else that was preferable to feeling unease, usually it is something shiny, fine or fashion jewelry because I simply love sparkle, I digress.  Chocolate cake was random enough for me to see/feel/know it was my inner being teasing/coaxing me into seeing/feeling/knowing something else besides unease. We have the power that creates worlds at our finger tips to show us a path of ease and least resistance. To begin to know thyself on a deeper level allows us to harness that connection with greater precision and clarity.

Happily distracted, Tracie



  1. Love this, Tracie. And the moment I read your title, the Ellen show was talking about chocolate. Such fun.

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