Emotional Intelligence

So many children are coming forth to teach us about emotional intelligence, energy, a conscious awareness of how we are feeling within which often does not match the words we speak. Many are being diagnosed with a plethora of so-called disabilities simply because the vast majority are uncertain how to proceed in teaching them in a traditional manner.  (I used to think outside the box until I remembered, there is no box)

For just a moment, think about how often you say one thing while thinking something completely different. I am not speaking of a lie or a white lie although that can be included, I am speaking about feeling a thought and because you do not believe another wishes to hear it, they have told you previously they do not like it, we want to avoid ridicule or judgment from others. We suppress how we feel in an effort to keep the waters calm or because it is a belief we have ingrained within our being from our youth whether it serves us or not.

9737a9d39a8f07da9b304065a66c2628 We are ALL #energy. Our son diagnosed with #autism taught me about energy while in my 30’s although I did have many experiences in life where I knew something much bigger was going on in my life. In order to fit into the norm, I removed/forgot/suppressed what I knew and felt. This ultimately led to my depression later in life because I denied who I AM.

I had to be #balanced and #calm within and then Connor could/would interact with me. Although I was not always aware of exactly what and how I was doing this energetically, loving dance with all of my children, I have been conscious parenting for 18 years, our son Connor made me acutely aware of this. Many animals are so connected to Source, All that IS, those humans who are sensitive to energy are able to connect with these pure positive beings without verbal speech and language.  I used to call Connor Dr. Doolittle because he was completely at ease around animals when we visited a local petting zoo. This child who at that time was mostly non-verbal, could sit on the ground and have sheep and pygmy goats surround him, as if there was a conversation going on with absolutely no words because…they were conversing without language. It is something humanity has forgotten and a new population is coming forth to remind us.

Emotional intelligence – (EI): is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. There are three models of EI.

We are SO much more than what we see with our physical eyes although many cannot grasp their own magnificence. This is a time in humanity where we, many, are coming to remember who we truly are. If you have forgotten, spend some time with a calm animal, the less domesticated, the more attuned to All that is the animal will be. If you teach, coach or parent a child with special needs or one who may seem to be energetically sensitive, practice being in a calm state prior to your interactions and observe what appears to be magic.

Calm and balanced, Tracie


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