You are so easy to love!

I awoke with the old Frank Sinatra song in my head, “You’d be so easy to love” however, I heard, “You are so easy to love” replaying, over and over in my head. As if the Universe was serenading me this morning reminding me how easy I am, WE ARE to love!


Our youngest child has never needed much sleep and I heard him up at 2 A.M. this morning. I went downstairs to ask him to please lay down on the couch to get some rest since it was so early. He did, at least for a little while to appease his mom but I am uncertain if or how long he slept. Long story short, he was a little bit grumpy as we got ready for school, I lowered my expectations of him, loving him at every turn. I let his teacher know he will be tired today as well. They take this into account within his classroom.

All of this fits together so beautifully as I contemplate it. We ARE so easy to love by God, the Universe, Source, ALL that IS! Whatever you call your Divine. Whenever we have a difficult time, we are lovingly supported just as our Connor was/is this morning. If we can understand this, to know when we are having a difficult day, recognize it, do only what needs to be done, intend ease for ourselves, let everyone else off the hook and know tomorrow will be better! If we believe it will be better, pretty soon we begin to know it within and that too shall become our reality! A reality of ease and more ease, love and more love.

Whether many are aware or not, we create our reality with the thoughts we think, hold and believe. Some of those thoughts are not even your own, they were placed there by those of your youth, perhaps well intended but they may no longer serve you. This is a time of self-discovery, your truth as you know it to BE within. It will be different for each one of us and that is how we intended it. We knew we were coming forth into this time and space of great diversity. You will recognize your truth by the God-bumps or thrill-bumps you feel and remember, You ARE so easy to LOVE!


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