Love, is truly the answer.

Lovethis  We are not asking you to love “THIS”.  We are asking you to LOVE! – Abraham Hicks

So many thoughts are racing through my mind…in the best way possible but I am so eager for everyone to understand this (including myself on a very deep level(s). What if, the answer to everything was to LOVE? What if the answer to all of your questions, to all discomfort, is pure, unconditional LOVE?

You feel badly about yourself? Unworthy? Hurt because another does not love you the way you believe you should be loved? LOVE yourself, then, you will not need another to prove their love to you.

A child was diagnosed with a disability? LOVE him/her unconditionally, which means you do not need them to BE different so you can feel better, just LOVE them. Then observe as their field of potential begins to open up all around, endless, boundless, infinite!

Another person is difficult to get along with? LOVE them. Flood them with so much love, they will either melt in your presence, meaning they will become more likable around you or, they will move out of your experience.

Another is upset with you because you are not living in a way that is pleasing to them? Flood them with LOVE and recognize any discomfort they exhibit is about them!

Another has been through a tragedy, or has witnessed the tragedy of war, how can you assist them? LOVE them, flood them with love and adoration.

When our precious son was diagnosed with #Autism, I admit, I was mired in “what is”, I did not want Autism in our life. When I began to accept and embrace him, who he is, I was no longer stagnant and mired in sadness, despair, depression, desirous of changing him. He is not the disability. He is a fabulous human being, autism is a magnificent part of his personality. Once I embraced this, it was like (because it is exactly right) I was sending off a signal to him and he received it. We no longer had a difficult relationship, he no longer had to prove HE was in control of him. We began a cooperative relationship with one another with a strong foundation in LOVE!

When we simply LOVE, we no longer need conditions to change so we can feel better but once we no longer “need” them to change because we are feeling so good anyway, they must change. I have known, to love unconditionally IS the way. It is the path of least resistance in all things, in all ways but I am recognizing within myself, on deeper levels, the vastness or depths to this understanding is indeed infinite. I thought I knew, I thought I could perceive the LOVE I already have within me…I was incorrect however. I am learning, just when I think I know I can no longer experience the vastness of LOVE… just when I think, believe my heart cannot open up even more so, I am proven wrong. There is no end to becoming, to loving in all ways, in all things. Help me shout this to the rooftops and BEYOND!!

My unconditional, endless, boundless LOVE, Tracie


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  1. Exactly what I was asking to hear. Thank you.

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