I set the tone.

christmas-shopping I had to stop at the stores today to pick up the final things for Christmas, this way we wouldn’t need to shop for a few days, allowing the rush to blow over us.
I was ready for the crowds.
Difficult parking.
People in a rush.
Long lines, perhaps a grumpy person or two.
I wasn’t anticipating it but I was aware of the possibility. It didn’t matter to me, I decided ahead of time I would park far away of I had to and walk, it would be great exercise.
I was just going to meander through, get what I needed and be patient.
Stand in line and smile, setting the tone for how I wanted things in my life to respond to me.
Despite HUGE crowds in the parking lot, I got my Princess parking. (that means the perfect spot very close to the entrance) I picked up everything I needed, I was kind and courteous to everyone I came in contact with, not for their sake but for mine.
Even though it was extremely crowded, the lines were long, I was out in no time at all.
More proof for myself, it is all how you look at what you are doing.
I observed people rushing, but it didn’t have anything to do with me. Unless I decided to give it my attention.
I observed long lines but did not let it bother me. I set the tone for my own life and if others prefer drama or chaos, I can either add to the mix or decide ahead of time just how I prefer life to be. Yes, we get to choose how we prefer living.

At first, there may be some hiccups, you may be drawn into the rush, drama or chaos but try again and again. It truly is a lovely way of living and being, we get to choose.

LOVE, Tracie


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