Appreciation for Autism?


1173860_231024567048580_309641868_n I am in such appreciation I no longer see ‪#‎Autism‬, any dis-“ability”, cancer or medical diagnosis of any kind, as anything more than an opportunity for growth if one is willing to recognize the opportunity. I must include my own depression which still shows up in life although NOTHING like it once was. At this stage in my life, I recognize, when I am not feeling great, it is simply an opportunity to unravel and weed out, what no longer serves me within. Not that anyone else is wrong or incorrect in what they believe or are living, we all have free will to live and believe exactly what we want. My only question I ask you to consider, is life going as you desire it to BE? If the answer you give yourself is yes, wonderful. If the answer you find is no, perhaps you might simply ask yourself what train of thought you might wish to change or shift to create a life that feels better.

Life truly, 100% IS how you direct your thoughts, how you think, perceive, focus on a moment to moment, thought by thought, daily basis. I did not come to this clarity overnight and I am wise enough to recognize…at least at this moment, I will continue to expand, grow and come to more clarity within. We all will in this lifetime and eternally. So many incredibly beautiful people, friends, become so wrapped up in the fodder in life, therapy, diets, I.E.P.’s and whatever else, you wear your body and soul out for, all in the name of curing a child who from my perspective does not need to be cured. Does that mean life is perfect? No, this is life, it can be very messy BUT I have learned, it isn’t what comes your direction that is what you must take on and live with. It is to offer you the opportunity to weed out what you do not want to live, so you can harvest and hone what you DO want to live.

What if our children have come forth, purposefully to BE different? To show us where we need to rethink what we think, say, believe and live? What if this is a clarion call for a conscious awakening, awareness to say worrying does not serve you. Observing your life through the eyes of strangers or even friends and relatives was NEVER how you mean to live your life. What if their tantrums and amplified physical and psychological discomforts, is their way of saying, “Hey, what are you thinking right now and does it serve you or make you feel good?” If not, perhaps it is time to slow down and ask yourself who you are living this life for? You, or the idea of who you “should be” someone placed in your head a very long time ago?

From my perspective, there is a reason why so many on the spectrum are here at this time and it has nothing to do with what has gone wrong with life and everything to do with what is going right and extremely well. Pretty flippin’ amazing from this vantage point. Everything else is simply fodder for expansion.

My LOVE, Tracie



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  2. This was very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

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